Various Benefits Of Taking A Yoga Retreat

Yoga lovers have a reason to smile every time they think of the yoga retreats. They are more than a relaxation in a million times. The retreat centers are packed with a lot of yoga packages and others programs that are worth taking once in a while. Actually, with the innovations of today, a yoga retreat center must not be in the bush. Well, established centers will make the best yoga studio in town and once inside, you can hardly notice you are in town anymore. So what are the benefits of setting time aside to take the yoga retreat

Benefits of taking a yoga retreat

Meet people with similar interests

Yoga lovers have their philosophies in life, and they love meditating about them. Retreats are organized for groups, and it is here that one will meet people they share similar ideologies in life. Apart from making friends which is part of human beings, one can listen to others philosophies and learn to appreciate such ideas. Others will also listen to yours and appreciate them. At the end of the retreat, one can have more reasons to believe in what they believe. Such a retreat through meeting other people can also help to better the philosophy you hold on to.


A chance to relax

The hassles of work, moving up and down this challenging life and the family issues are first set aside temporarily during yoga retreats. It is a moment to relax your mind, sort things out and focus. The brain gets tired too and the short sleep time we give it is not enough. In fact, sleep is full of planning the following day and rethinking about the previous day. Here, the brain gets a full dose of total relaxation using the best yoga tutors.

Physical fitness

You hardly get enough time to do enough exercises during your normal days due to the tight schedule. According to a Tantra yoga expert, there is nothing better than subjecting your body to a yoga retreat. The body benefits physically after the well-defined moves and techniques. At the end of the retreat the body muscles will have relaxed in a better way and the joints ready to go back and work more efficiently.



If you are wondering where to take your next yoga retreat, reliable yoga centers are on Facebook and are ready to take you in. They offer the best tutors to take you through the program and are flexible to fit into your needs. Take one today.


Practicing Yoga In Chiang Mai

Yoga has a long history which can be traced back to 5000 years ago. It originated from India. The term “yoga” was derived from an Indian word ‘Yuj’ meaning the union of your consciousness together with the ultimate divine knowledge.

Most people mistakes Yoga for being a physical exercise in which people stress their bodies in a complex way. This is not true, but it is rather a superficial aspect of science affecting the functionality of your mind and soul. Chiang Mai is one of the major tourist destination in Asia. Many people visit the city annually and they love practicing Yoga during their stay here.

Reasons for practicing Yoga.

There are many benefits for practicing Yoga.

For complete health

Being healthy does not necessarily mean that you are disease-free. It is rather an expression of life on how loving, enthusiastic, and how joyful you are. Health is, therefore, dependent on the mental, physical, and the social well-being of a person. Apart from practices such as meditation and asanas, Yoga also helps you in achieving the total fitness of the body.

Stress relief

Stress stimulates your body to produce a hormone known as cortisol. Excessive production of this hormone suppresses the functioning of the thyroid glands. This leads to a decline in the muscle tissue and an increase in the blood pressure.

Yoga has been proven medically that it can reduce the production of this hormone. It does this by activating your parasympathetic nervous system. Always try as soon as possible to get rid of the stress that accumulates during the day.

Mental awareness

Your mind always play some tricks on you. It is caught up in the history of thinking about the future. Yoga will help your thoughts in staying in the present which is the most valuable time. It also plays a critical role in clearing all the negative thoughts.

Improves relationships

It is very sensitive when it comes to dealing with emotions, and a tensed mind cannot do that. Yoga helps in keeping your mind peaceful and jubilant. A happy mind is good as it contributes to making a better choice on sensitive issues compared to the stressed one.

Better flexibility

If you are a starter, you will find it tough to touch your toe, but with continued practice, you can achieve new postures. You won’t feel any more back pain when you get used to these exercises. This makes your body more flexible thus increasing your muscle strength.

Increased energy

At home or work, individuals get tired. Once you experience this, having a short Yoga session of about 10-15 minutes assisted by a reputed teacher will restore your energy and therefore increase your efficiency throughout the day.

Yoga Techniques In Chang Mai

There are different classes of yoga, and this article is going to give a clear insight into Bandha and Mudra techniques. According to studies conducted by classic yoga texts, it has been revealed that there is a lot of discussion on whether the physical practice can influence the spiritual or perhaps the psychological change.

Something always happens to your mind whenever a set of actions is prescribed to the body. The twisting, compressing, elongating, and turning on the body’s external structure makes a dramatic impact. Experienced and regular Yoga practitioners have often agreed that the exercising yoga postures will make you calmer and relaxed.

Subtle Yoga practices which are commonly known as ”kundalini” have the potential of raising the unexpressed energy into high psychic centers. There are two basic approaches designed and developed for eliciting this reaction.


Mudra is the first approach. The performance of gestures affects the body’s energy flow. This can change your mental and spiritual characteristics. This is a particular configuration of the body which is designed for coaxing the energy accumulated by the breathing techniques-asana and pranayama. Coaxing of this energy into the respective psych centers provokes the mind’s condition which triggers specific emotions.

Practicing enough turns the external senses inwards thereby increasing the life force (pranic level). Increased level of pranic results to the spontaneous mudra’s occurrence in your body. This facilitates the movement of the feet, arms, eyes, legs, and hands into their specific positions.


This approach causes a great confusion and misunderstanding among yoga practitioners. Practicing bandhas helps to expand your lung capacity as well as the breathing capability during yoga. It also plays a crucial role in the
strengthening of the entire body.


Bandhas are specific physical actions (energy locks) which are performed for the purpose of preventing prana from escaping. These are cervix retraction or perineum locks, abdominal retraction lock and throat lock. Another distinguishing feature between mudras and bandhasis that the latter is more intensive than the former regarding labor.

Bandhas are tricky to locate, but with regular practicing under a trainer, you will develop the physical locks very fast. This will promote awareness and sensitivity around the abdomen, throat, and perineum which are very critical landmarks as far Yoga system is concerned.

Khechari mudra

This is a premier mudra that prescribes the reversing of the tongue into a specific spot inside your skull. Regular massaging and pulling the tongue is done regularly. It is known to influence the brain functions directly thereby awakening the high centers of awareness